In Southern African Mozambique is on the Indian Ocean coastline which is dotted with popular beaches like Tofo, as well as offshore marine parks. In the Quirimbas Archipelago, is a stretch of coral islands, mangrove-covered Ibo Island has colonial-era ruins surviving from a period of Portuguese rule. The Bazaruto Archipelago farther south has reefs which defend rare marine life including dugongs. Mozambique is also famous for the quality of its fresh seafood such as Peri-Peri (hot and spicy) Prawns and Peri-Peri Chicken, music traditional especially its marimba bands. We are exporting our most reliable tarpaulin as per the specification of the client since many years now and our canvases come with 100 percent water proof feature and in all sizes. Our company is the most leading supplier of Tarpaulin, Waterproof tarpaulin and HDPE Tarpaulin, etc. All these come with complying the international standard and QCM check with latest technology. We are especially keen on manufacturing tarpaulin has created bench mark for our product in the hearts of the customers. We are Tarpaulin Exporter that includes Waterproof Tarpaulin, Container Tarpaulin, Synthetic Tarpaulin, HDPE Tarpaulin, PE Tarpaulin/Poly Tarpaulin, PE Tarpaulins, Cotton Tarpaulins and the like. Our Waterproof tarpaulin has the most durability and has high tensile strength.

Tarpaulins otherwise known as tarps are large sheets which tend to be multipurpose cover of strong material which is flexible and water-resistant or waterproof that has metal eyelets or reinforced grommets, which allow you to be able to tie down or secure the tarpaulin sheet. We make available a wide range of waterproof tarpaulin that are in off-white, parrot green, Khaki, Olive green and colors to meet the client’s specification. It texture is 100% cotton and comes in varies GSM. Our Waterproof Tarpaulin is manufacturers in extensive series of canvas tarpaulin touch our fixed fabric material to meet client’s specification.

Our product range is not only famous in India but in global market such as Yemen, Dubai, Kenya, Australia, Uganda, Egypt is also making its stand in the market. We are Waterproof Tarpaulin top manufacturers and exporters of Waterproof Cotton Tarpaulins that are been widely used for Truck Covers, Fertilizers, Cotton, Cement Covers, Food Grains Covers and Emergency Shelter. We have wide range of clients that we have been trusted with our quality and ensure the guarantee of our manufactured tarpaulin.

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