We are leading manufacturer and supplier of tarpaulin fabric in Madagascar. We are supplying so many areas of Madagascar like Kandi, Parakou and Savalou. We have made our stand in international market by exporting and supplying our immense range of tarpaulin products that are built with the latest knowledge. In this era, almost all the household as well as companies has numerous cars, trucks and the like across the world that have to use HDPE & LDPE tarpaulin cars or truck covers because of their excellent features as compared to other materials used for making the cars and trucks covers. They are easy to use since they are highly flexible and very reliable. It is an excellent protection to the cars and truck goods covered from bad weather, rain and moisture, U.V. rays & heat of sunlight etc. They are strong and apt for heavy duty protection of the cars and trucks goods covered and are also very durable and resistant to tear and damage. They are resistant to chemicals and hygienic.We also provide tarpaulin tent with best material as compared to other materials. This is due to the quality of our HDPE tarpaulin material that has favorable features that offer excellent protection and safety after tenting. This material is resistant to weather and they offer reliable shelter in the harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, sunlight and cold temperatures.
They are not just weather resistant but also water proof. They are also leak proof and UV resistant. It is easy to fold and carry with high flexibility and light in weight. They have excellent durability and can be reused over & over for long durations of time. Our high quality HDPE tarpaulin rolls are most popular among the tent manufacturers due to their supreme quality & availability in different sizes. Our company is the most leading exporter of Tarpaulin, Waterproof tarpaulin, HDPE Tarpaulin, PE Tarpaulin/Poly Tarpaulin, PE Tarpaulins, Cotton Tarpaulins are widely used in Madagascar since we meet the client’s requirement and manufacture WATER PROOF TARPAULINS that comes in all sizes.
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