There are 44 countries in Europe today, according to the United Nations, in the north, south, east and west of Europe. Some of them are Germany, Russia, and Poland United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium and many more.

We are leading exporters of tarpaulin, which includes tents, PE Tarpaulin, synthetic tarpaulin, Cotton Canvas and many more that have international quality. We ensure that the quality and stability of our products remain standard to meet the international market. Our company monitors raw materials, applies strict controls in our manufacturing processes, and follows rigid quality control, to supply products to the level expected of our clients. We have the right quality control systems in place, which is common sense and common practice.

For example, our expert team provides systems for oxygenation and tarpaulins for beach tents at sea, agriculture uses and poultry curtains. In the beach tent, we cater to both oxygenation and tarpaulins, which are tools for environmental control in sea cages. Shielding tarpaulins prevents harmful organisms from entering the cages, while enriching the cage environment with oxygen ensures that the fish have optimal conditions for good growth and survival. Tarpaulins for enclosing are also used in treatments where anti-parasite agents are administered in baths. Therefore, using systems in combination has good results for preventing and combating parasites in sea fish.

Our tarpaulin PVC-coated fabric comes with a coated top side with glossy lacquering and is available in silver, black, white, yellow, grey, blue, green and red in colour. Our tarpaulins are a heavy, waterproof sheet that is used to cover things or place and they is also known as canvas, coat, shade, tenting, ground cloth, sheet and awning cloth. Our engineers follow a specific set of processes, which begins with selecting the right material & processes and ends with a controlled quality check. Furthermore, the quality of tarpaulin meets all the international quality tests. Our canvas comes in finely made, best quality form and is used widely in industries like food, paper, and textiles. We make sure to take the call, and our exported products are made of fine materials with guaranteed quality.

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